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Exede from Cresap Satellite, amory, ms

Exede from Cresap Satellite represents the next generation of rural internet. Thanks to groundbreaking technology courtesy of ViaSat, the corporation who introduces WildBlue, Exede beats 'em all, easily surpassing all expectations you have of a satellite-based online supplier. Exede allows faster downloads for larger pictures and HD movie streaming without lags or browser reloads. Thanks to its high quality technology, Exede makes it possible for everyone in rural locations to obtain the services they pay for.

High Speed Internet Packages

There are different package options you can choose from based on your internet needs and your budget. The 10GB package is usually chosen by those who are getting accustomed to surfing the web, with prices as low as $49.99. Those who go online to perform basic tasks such as catching up on the latest news, sending e-mails to friends and family and conducting Internet research will find much to like about this plan. And for an additional $30, you can get twice this capacity--15GB, to be exact--enabling the surfer to view more movies, send additional pics, and optimize one's online media experience. The 15GB package is most preferred by valued customers because it gives them the options to visit content-rich sites such as Facebook and YouTube at a much faster pace. For a maximum charge of $129.99 monthly, the 25GB plan delivers the biggest and best of our Internet offerings. This 25GB plan is perfect for houses in which many residents surf the net at the same time, and for those who enjoy listening to songs, streaming films and other sizable files. With all of our plans, you receive the same excellence in support that ViaSat has given to all of its customers for years.

HughesNet - An Alternative

HughesNet, another satellite broadband company associated with Dish Network has similar deals but offer more restrictions. With a 250MB cap of bandwidth per day, it's no wonder that their customers are switching over to our services so as to enjoy internet to its fullest potential. HughesNet certainly has plans for the future of wireless internet but it has not yet reached the bar.

High Speed Internet - Cox, Time Warner, Comcast

Cable-based online services like Time Warner, Cox and Comcast restrict customers to a single provider and certain geographical sites where their high speed internet cables operate. Thus they are faced with a great dilemma when trying to connect to the internet, much less surf the web without interruptions. Even though cable may not be available in all the areas that satellite is, it is still a popular choice amongst many households.

Fiber Optics! The raison d'etre for Verizon and Google internet

Utilizing the speed of light, Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS connect you to the net with fiber optic cable. With fiber optic technology, internet companies have the ability to expand bandwidth to much greater than it already it was. These companies are pushing the boundaries of landline internet but they use fairly new technology that isn't available everywhere unlike Exede, which is available anywhere in the United States.

Advanced Technology

The newest satellite internet technology which was released at the start of 2012, is now available to you and anyone in the country. With ViaSat's Exede, you get the best of both worlds: fast, solid internet and satellite reliability regardless of your location. Our competitors' low resolution Ku band bandwidth causes degradation during bad weather, whereas our high resolution Ka band communication satellites provide you with the speed and quality internet you deserve.

This ideal mix of Internet technology has now been idealized to provide the ultimate online experience. You can do it all-and more quickly-with Exede Broadband amory, ms from Cresap Satellite.

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